Energy Saving Rebates

The “Going Green” trend is definitely becoming more popular, and there are the more obvious benefits to using energy saving products:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Increased comfort in your living spaces
  • Better temperature regulation

But did you know you can actually get money back when you install energy efficient products in your home?  Pretty great news, right??

We’ve saved you the time in doing the research, and have compiled a list below of the companies that offer energy saving programs, and what they entail!


If you are a client with Union Gas, they offer a few different types of energy saving rebates.

Home Reno Rebate – Up to $2500 in rebates

When you add energy efficient upgrades to your home, such as new windows, attic or wall insulation, or a new furnace, Union Gas offers rebates for each item!  Check out the section of their website by clicking here to get more detailed info on the program.

Step 1.  Get your home assessed by a Participating Certified Energy Adviser*.
Step 2. Have at least two of the listed upgrades performed.
Step 3. Have your home re-assessed by the energy adviser.*
Step 4. Get your cheque! After their report is submitted, you will get your rebate in the mail approx. 90 days later.

*You must pay the initial and follow up cost of the home energy assessment – Approx. $500 +HST – but you will get a $500 rebate for that cost at the end. 

Home Weatherization Program – FREE if you qualify

This seems to be a great program for lower income homes, and will not affect income from government assistance programs.  All the upgrades are installed at no cost to you by their authorized contractors.

Once you have your home assessed by a Certified Energy Auditor, you will will receive:
 Insulation as needed, in your basement, walls and attic
Water-saving products to lower your hot-water costs
A programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature when you’re asleep or away

To be eligible for this program, you must meet these criteria:
You fall under the stipulated income levels (click here to see what those are)
Your home is older than 1975
You have a natural gas furnace and pay the Union Gas bill

You can call to apply or apply online to this program.


Home Energy Conservation Program – Up to $2100 in rebates

Enbridge offers a similar program to Union Gas, where rebates are offered for home upgrades.  They have similar steps in completing the program, which means you need to have a home energy assessment to see what you qualify for.

Click here if you are an Enbridge customer and want more details on how you can take advantage of those rebates!


Ontario Power Authority

The Ontario Power Authority offers a few different energy and money saving options:
Heating & Cooling Incentive – Rebates for upgrading your Central air and installing a high efficiency furnace
Coupons – Downloadable coupons for energy star certified light bulbs, light fixtures, power bars, programable light timers, and clotheslines.

We hope this has provided you with a bit more knowledge on how you can use some of the Energy Saving programs are out there, and has made your life a little “greener” :)

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