Happy Earth Day!!

Today is the day we celebrate our gorgeous planet and do that little bit more to keep it healthy.  And what a gorgeous day for it!  Finally some spring weather!

To keep in theme with Earth day, and Earth Month here at Sunrise, we’ve put together 10 ways you can help the environment (and even save some money along the way!).

1. Rain barrel – Buy one!  Or make one if you’re handy.  Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water usage, and there are lots of different options and price points available.  Canadian Tire has a great variety, and keep an eye out for truckload sales in your city!  Click here for the rain barrel sale schedule for Halton region, only $45 each!

2. Seal your windows/doors – Windows and doors that are a little on the older side tend to be culprits for letting energy escape.  Replacing windows not in your budget?  A cost effective temporary solution would be to have someone apply new caulking to where its worn, or change the weather stripping.

3. Wash in cold water – Now, we don’t mean shower in cold water (if you can, you are a better person than me!), but do your laundry in cold water.  It saves energy, which is better on the environment and on the wallet.

4.  LED Bulbs – This small change can make a big difference!  With less energy usage, you have lower carbon footprint, and again it WILL save you money!  Check out this LED Savings Calculator which will calculate your savings with each bulb you change!

5. Scavenger Hunt – Getting the kids involved in helping our planet is super important, after all they are our future!  This is a great printable earth day scavenger hunt that helps teach them about the planet, and have fun doing it!

6. Attic insulation – This is one energy and money saving upgrade we ALWAYS bring up!  Topping up or replacing your attic insulation is such a simple way to improve your energy savings, reduce your carbon footprint, and save money!

7. Rebates – Take advantage of government or energy company rebates!  Most, if not all, offer rebates for energy efficient upgrades in your home.  Our most recent blog post gives great information on local Natural Gas companies and the rebates they offer!

8. Plants –  Literally going green in your home is great for the environment, as plants express your desire to be environmentally sound and help process and clean the air inside your home.

9. Use appliances in off-peak hours – Take a look at what your hydro company deems as off-peak hours (usually 7 pm to 7 am, weekdays, all day on weekends & holidays), and try your best to use your appliances during these times.

10. Energy Star Rated Products – Making sure you use as many Energy Star rated products as possible, such as windows or appliances, is a great investment.  They are more efficient and lower energy usage, which means more savings for you, and the environment!


We hope these tips were helpful, and feel free to share your Eco Friendly ideas and tips!

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