Keep the heat in this winter…

Winter is finally here, and with it comes snow, ice, and cold.  To keep your family warm you turn up the heat.  If your attic isn’t insulated properly, it results in that valuable heat escaping into your attic and through your roof.

Most people notice the effects of low insulation levels without knowing the cause, thinking “That’s the way winter is, it’s not supposed to be warm”.

Common Symptoms of poor insulation

  • Drafty rooms
  • Hot or cold ceilings, walls, or uneven temperatures between rooms
  • High heating and/or cooling bills
  • Ice Damming
  • Leaks despite the freezing outdoor temperature
ice dam roof graphic

The creation of an ice dam from poor attic insulation and heat loss.

Having proper insulation helps mitigate heat loss into the attic space. By keeping the heat inside your home, you are avoiding hot spots and at the same time reducing your energy costs. Proper insulation acts as a thermal barrier or building envelope, separating the conditioned and unconditioned environments of your home.

One of the easiest ways to spot a poorly insulated or ventilated home, is taking a look at the roof from the outside: Melted snow in sections of the roof, as well as ice dams forming on the eaves edge.

Heat loss and Ice dam

Heat loss is evident by the lack of snow on sections of the roof, and ice damming forming on the eaves edge.

Why you should upgrade your insulation

  • Enjoy a more consistent and warmer temperature throughout your home
  • Lower heating/cooling bills
  • Decreased dangerous icicle build up

In the end, you have everything to gain and nothing to loose having your attic inspected for proper insulation levels and air circulation.

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