Do you offer payment plans?

YES!  We are very happy to say we offer multiple payment options for all projects.  You shouldn’t have to put off a necessary project based on cost when we offer flexible and easy payment plans.  Check out our financing page and instantly find out for yourself if you are approved!

What type of warranty do you have for your products?

Product warranty
Knowing what type of warranty the product you are purchasing carries is very important, and can be a determining factor when it comes to deciding which product you want to go with.  Each manufacturer has their own type of product warranties, and this includes individual products “Life Time Warranty”.  We stand by all of our products, and always include the warranty certificate or warranty information for your project.  

Workmanship warranty
Roof (Asphalt Shingle) – 10 years
Full frame replacement of Front Doors, Patio Doors, and Windows – 5 years
Vinyl and aluminum siding, aluminum soffit and fascia – 5 years
Seamless eavestroughs and downspouts – 2 years
Repairs – vary by project or may not apply based on type of repair.

How much does a full roof replacement cost?

The cost of a roof is based on multiple factors: Size, number of stories, accessibility, pitch (steepness of slopes), and type of product, which is why the best way to know the cost of your roof replacement is to have a representative quote it.  We always have our sales representatives perform a thorough inspection of your roof and attic area, and provide a detailed quote based on your requests and our recommendations.