Recent Projects


Front door replacement program – 4635 Regents Terrace, Mississauga

It was time for round 2 of the front door program at this site!  We started the program in Fall of 2015, and they were happy to get the next 17 units in for replacement this summer.  Another successful installation program, and this site just keeps looking better and better!  Check out some of this rounds replacements:



We sure started this season off running!  Here are just a few of the number of small and large projects we had on the go.

Oakville Townhouse Roof Replacement – 100 Sarah Lane, Oakville

Worn shingles, no underlayment, and damaged plywood were strong signs that this 5 unit row of townhouses in Oakville definitely needed some love in the roofing department.  In less than a week, their homes received a new look and much better protection with brand new roofs.

Front Door Replacement Program – 1755 Rathburn Road, Mississauga

Front door replacements are probably one of our favourite types of mini-projects.  The front door is the first thing when you walk into a house – you literally can’t avoid it!  So when homeowners get brand new doors, it really helps to give the front entrance a clean look and help with energy efficiency.  Here are a few of the 7 units were the lucky ones to be included in the first round of front door replacements!


These homeowners got an early Christmas Present!  The 3rd round of the Window Replacement Program for this Mississauga client saw 11 townhouse units get brand new windows and patio doors!  A total of 107 windows and 10 patio doors were installed in less than 3 weeks.  No more drafts and cold rooms this winter for these homeowners!

FALL 2015

We have worked with this client in Mississauga for a few years now, and we were happy to hear that they wanted us to make some moves on upgrading their front doors.

Their doors were outdated, not energy efficient, and many had issues with operation.  To ensure their transition went smoothly, we provided front door status inspections of all units, discussed new product style and colour options, and successfully executed their very first replacement round.  With basic and upgrade options, they (and us as well!) LOVED the way they turned out!