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Facility Maintenance

Sunrise Constructions offers a differentiated facility maintenance solution for both industrial and commercial clients. With more than 20 years of experience, we utilize industry best practices with our integrated facilities management program to deliver supportive services more efficiently.

Our approach to facilities maintenance goes well beyond traditional service models because we are equally focused on creating value and also generating free cash flow for the businesses we partner with. It’s all part of our standard approach to  Facilities Maintenance Services.

Our technical experts can implement building maintenance services and equipment maintenance programs that optimize life-cycle value, facility operating costs and reliability, all while providing a comfortable, safe, and productive environment for employees and customers alike

Professional Experience

Experienced, knowledgeable staff

Spotless’ team both in management and on the ground has unmatched expertise. Being the largest provider of facilities services in the region gives us the experience and skills to deliver best practice to our clients. Customer service excellence drives our on-site programs.

Strategic facilities management

We have the expertise to help with your maintenance planning, asset life cycle analysis and budgeting. We can also analyse the impact of your business decisions on spaces, properties and services. Our asset management software systems enable powerful analysis and reporting on asset performance.

Operational facilities management

We provide tactical facilities management to keep your buildings and facilities running smoothly. We ensure every aspect is operating properly to create an optimal, safe and cost-effective environment to conduct business.

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