2021 Colour Trends

2021 Colour Trends We all know a space is not complete without paint. This year Benjamin Moore’s is really embracing grey and warm tones. Below we’ve showcased some of our absolute favourites from their list for 2021…so far. Remember, having lots of natural light in a room makes all the difference when choosing a shade!…

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Residential Fire Restoration in Burlington

It’s the situation of nightmares: a fire breaks out in your home, putting your family and the life you’ve built at risk. Fires are dangerous and unpredictable occurrences that can cause extensive damage- sometimes, beyond repair. Not all fires consume the structure entirely though. Sunrise Construction is an experienced residential and commercial construction company that…

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Burlington Dads Hospice

Sunrise Dads and Burlington Dads Helping Out Carpenters Hospice

This past weekend, the Burlington Dads and Sunrise Construction completed a major portion of our on-going project at the Carpenters Hospice. The Carpenters Hospice, located in Burlington Ontario, offers both residential-based care as well as community-based programs for help dealing with grief and the emotional toll of caring for a loved one. The peaceful, comfortable…

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sunrise construction

It’s Spring: Ready to Refresh Your Windows and Doors?

At Sunrise, we offer an extensive variety of Residential and Commercial construction services.  Whether you need a full remodel of your home or just a few minor changes- we’re here to help! See something you like? You can email us at to learn more or to schedule a FREE quote at a time convenient…

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Food Drive!

2017 Annual Holiday Food Drive – Nov. 20th – Dec. 22nd We happy to parter again this year with the Burlington Food Bank!  Every month, over 700 people receive food from the food bank. In 2016 they provided food to over 8,500 Burlington residents; 3,400 were under the age of sixteen.  The food bank receives some…

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We’re going Green!

We love our planet, which is why we are very excited to show you the sneak preview to our brand new green energy division! When you’re a larger facility such as a commercial building, a condominium, or a school, thinking about how you can be “green” can seem like a large task to take on. This…

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Energy Saving Rebates

The “Going Green” trend is definitely becoming more popular, and there are the more obvious benefits to using energy saving products: Lower energy bills Increased comfort in your living spaces Better temperature regulation But did you know you can actually get money back when you install energy efficient products in your home?  Pretty great news, right??…

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5 Ways to boost curb appeal

Spring has sprung, which for me usually means two things: The (slightly) warmer weather means finally not wearing so many layers I look like the Stay Puft marshmallow man. I’m totally glued to Pinterest and home and garden shows, planning how I can step up our curb appeal game (can’t just be me, right?) While we aren’t in the business…

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Don’t miss out on getting a deal on your next project!  Keep up to date on our current promotions and start your project today!     Oh no!  You just missed our 0% Financing and Save The Tax promo! Don’t worry though, we have another one coming up very soon… Stay tuned!

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Keep the heat in this winter…

Winter is finally here, and with it comes snow, ice, and cold.  To keep your family warm you turn up the heat.  If your attic isn’t insulated properly, it results in that valuable heat escaping into your attic and through your roof. Most people notice the effects of low insulation levels without knowing the cause, thinking “That’s the way winter is,…

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double steel front door

Fall 2015

We have worked with this client in Mississauga for a few years now, and we were happy to hear that they wanted us to make some moves on upgrading their front doors. Their doors were outdated, not energy efficient, and many had issues with operation. To ensure their transition went smoothly, we provided front door…

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