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Innovative Products and Systems for Residential Construction

At Sunrise Construction, our building science plays a large role in making buildings that are safer, sounder, look newer longer and provide greater environmental sustainability.

Sunrise Construction Building Envelope Systems help make buildings more durable, energy efficient and comfortable, by providing superior air and moisture management. They are rigorously tested and exceed air barrier standards, helping builders to meet and exceed building and energy codes for residential buildings.

Professional Experience


Your front door is the first thing that is seen when entering a home, so we want to help you make a great impression. We offer many styles of steel, wood, and fibreglass entry doors and sidelights, as well as storm doors and patio doors. A personal consultation with our specialists will help turn your ideas into reality


Do you find that some rooms are hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Fog or condensation between glass panes, cracked glass, and hard to operate windows are all factors that contribute to a windows efficiency. New windows can help decrease energy bills, increase the comfort of your home, and boost curb appeal.


Whether you need a temporary repair, or a full roof replacement, we can take care of your homes first line of defence: your roof. Our company performs a complete inspection of the roof and its accessories (vents, plumbing/furnace stacks, flashing etc.), and will provide you with a report complete with photos on the roofs condition, with recommendations on how to address your concerns.


Your siding, whether aluminum, brick, or hardy board, acts as much as protection as completing your homes image. Important accessories to a roof, the eaves troughs and downspouts collect and distribute water run off, and the soffit helps provide proper air circulation to your roof and attic. A clogged or poorly draining eaves trough system can cause overflows, leaks and damage to the exterior and interior of your home. Blocked or improperly vented offsite decreases attic ventilation and circulation, which can result in moisture build up, and ice damming in colder months.

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